Unifying Black Excellence in Business

The African American Chamber of Commerce of the Hudson Valley, Inc. (AACCHV)  is where diverse Black businesses in Hudson Valley come together, share resources, and craft powerful stories of success.

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Our Trio of Strengths


A hub where businesses connect, collaborate, and champion each other, fostering an inclusive environment that celebrates the rich diversity of Black businesses in Hudson Valley.

Exclusive Events

Exclusive gatherings ranging from networking sessions to grand galas, creating opportunities for members to showcase their businesses, forge partnerships, and gain visibility.

Trainings and Resources

Comprehensive workshops and sessions designed to enhance business acumen, covering everything from foundational principles to advanced strategies, ensuring our members are always at the forefront of their respective industries.

Pillars of Purpose

The values that steer our journey, nurture our community, and define our impact.

Member-Centric Collaboration

Our members are our top priority. Together, as partners, we amplify our strength beyond individual businesses.

Community Impact & Growth

When Black businesses thrive, our community blossoms. Our dedication to fostering Black business success is a testament to our vision for a vibrant, united community.

Inclusive Excellence

We champion an environment where diversity, equity, and inclusion take center stage, ensuring everyone has a chance shot at economic opportunities.

Data-Driven Reliability

Decisions backed by quality data, ensuring trustworthiness and high-impact results for everyone involved.

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